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Child Dental

Events around the world have shown that children, now more than ever, are vulnerable to diseases of mouth and their teeth.


Did you know the crooked teeth are the biggest undermining feature in character development and progress of your child?

Smile Designing

Sometimes the patients are not happy with how their original smile is or sometimes some of the patients experience physical trauma because of which their teeth (particularly front teeth) gets fractured.


For many years, due to lack of awareness of the patients, the primary treatment for the tooth decay or a painful tooth was Extraction.

Dental Implants

Lost a tooth? Dont want the adjacent teeth to be cut with drills as what is required for placing a Bridge of caps?


what is LASER? And, does it have a use in dental treatments? LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission

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I  met with a road accident in the month of December n had fractured my upper front teeth .I went to Omkar Dental Clinic n met Dr Gauri Kabir,she explained me the entire process of treatment and time needed for the same.She explained me the necessity to remove the broken teeth n gettig it replaced eventually. After reading her treatment plan I was convinced that I have come to the right place for my treatment. She and her Team of expert doctors made the entire procedure seamless n less painful.Would definitely recommend one and all to visit Omkar Dental Clinic in Mulund east for the best hygienic n accurate treatment.Thank you so much for this amazing treatment and service given to me.


Marathi Film ActorHave been visiting Omkar Dental Clinic since last 2 yrs for any dental pain me or my family members have.Day before yesterday my front teeth fell off and i paniked as being from film fraternity it was an urgency for me to get it fixed.i called Dr Gauri for an immediate appointment.Considering my urgency she called me n got my problem fixed n gave me a replacement for my fallen teeth on the next day itself.She n DR Ramchandra Kabir are always ready to help me in my dental issues. I appreciate their utmost care taken in hygiene in their clinic n treatments done by them are always very pleasing n satisfying.Thanks Dr Kabir for your best Dental treatments provided to me..

Mr Bhushan


Visited Omkar Dental Clinic 2weeks back for my toothache. I was checked by Dr Gauri who very nicely explained me about my ttth health and also the prognosis of the same. Got my Root canal treatment done here which was painless n the enitre team n treatment plan carried out was very satisfying, would highly reccomend this clinic for conservative treatment approach and highly hygienic .

Mansi Chavhan

Mr.Ram Chittewal

I was being bothered by a loose tooth and hence visited Dr. Gauri. On Inspection she found out that it had fractured and suggested it’s extraction.

I was bit reluctant to get the procedure done but since it was Dr. Gauri Kabir, I was completely relaxed. She took all necessary precautions, clinic was sanitised, temperature and Oxygen checks were conducted.

The procedure was painless and done very professionally within minutes.

I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone requiring dental help.


Hi….I visited Dr Gauri kabir for the first time last month…my experience was that she came across as the most approachable dentist we had visited so far….she made my daughter feel comfortable and did accurate diagnosis of her toothache….my daughter was relieved of her pain immediately…I would highly recommend this doctor to my family and friends as she has good expertise in her field

From Aditi Jaisal Shah & Family.

My entire family’s dental issues have been taken care by Omkar Dental Clinic for last 13 to 14 years.

We find both Dr. Gauri & Dr. Kabir to be expert in there profession with utmost humility, compassion and understanding. We have always found them to be reasonable in terms of professional fee also. Also they are always available at a call to help us with our concern.

We wish both of them all the best and hope they spread more and more smiles…


I visited Omkar Dental Clinic, Mulund. It is very clean, nice and ultramodern clinic with all modern amenities. My upper incisor was slightly broken which was not looking good while smiling. So for cosmetic purpose, I wanted to get it repaired. Dr. Gauri Kabir has filled it with composite material.She has done it so well that have regained my good smile.I appreciate Dr. Gauri’s work. She did it so smoothly and perfectly without any pain. I am very much impressed by Dr. Gauri’ s work as well as her clinic

Shreya Ghaisas

We hv been associated with Kabir Dental clinic since last 2-3 years. They are very approachable. Their systematic approach towards the treatment makes me feel very comfortable. Best wishes to Kabir Dental clinic.

Mrs Patki

Great dentist and great staff. My little one was crying and scared and they made every effort to be her friend and cheer her up so that she wouldn’t think the dentist office was a scary place. They are so gentle, kind, and understanding.

Mrs lawand

Here the dental treatment is perfect , affordable , due care is taken and feel comfortable.

Pallavi Gujar

After having 2 very bad experiences with my dental treatment, I was looking for good dentist who would fix my problems permanently. A couple of friends suggested seeing Dr. Mr & Mrs. Kabir. I remember I was sceptical about changing the doctor and visited their clinic in Mulund East with a little hesitance. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Kabir diagnosed the problem accurately within a few mins and advised further treatment by giving 2 options that would help prevent my existing tooth and still help me get out of pain. I was given a detailed understanding of further course of action that made me comfortable very soon. The experience during and after treatment was very good. Dr. Kabir’s diagnosis, precise treatment & confidence are his strengths.
I also had a very good experience with Dr. Gauri. Her gentleness not only in the dental procedure that she does but also with the way she takes care of her patients is worth mentioning. I remember the ease and gentleness with which she did my tooth extraction. It was with very little pain. She is able to have a perfect balance between being professional at the same time be considerate towards her patients.
Overall, my experience with both these doctors is nothing but great. Best wishes to both.